CLARITY - Surveillance Systems - Clarity Alert10 Home Notification System With Door Knocker & Bed Shaker
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Clarity Alert10 Home Notification System With Door Knocker & Bed Shaker

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Model: RA3476
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Visually Alerts User Of Visitors To Their Home, Telephone Calls, Activity Of Babies & Alarm Clock Functions
  • Sensors Monitor The Door Bell & Knocks On The Door
  • Monitors The Specific Sounds Made By Babies Or Young Children
  • The Audio Alarm Monitor Alerts For Any Loud & Unusual Sounds
  • The Motion Detector Monitors A Large Area & Notifies At Any Unexpected Movement
  • The Security Light Control Turns On Or Off Lighting Around The Home At Selected Times
  • Various Accessories To Customize The System For Specific Household Or Lifestyle Needs
  • Icons & Lights Are Positioned For Optimum Visibility From All Sides
  • Built-in Alarm Clock With Snooze & Vibrating Alert Features To Wake The Deepest Of Sleepers
  • Distinct Flashing Patterns & Backlit Icons On Unit Help Distinguish Between Events
  • Compatible With Existing and previous Alertmaster Base Units & Accessories
  • Expand The Alertmaster System To Accommodate Larger Buildings Or Multiple Locations Using 1 Or More Amrx2 Remote Receivers (optional)
  • Dual Power Backup Keeps The System Running When The Power Is Out
  • Send And Receives Pages From Personal Signalers (optional)
  • 3.5" Clock Display
  • Includes Wireless Doorbell
  • Simple Set Upno Hardwiring Required
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
  • With Door Knocker & Bed Shaker
  • Clarity Alert10 Home Notification System With Door Knocker & Bed Shaker

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