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Cobra Supercharged Radar-laser-camera Detector

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  • The Cobra® Vedetta Ultimate Detection Systems Series sets the new standard in radar/laser detection system.  

  • The revolutionary detection system boasts a 30 percent increase in performance over Cobra’s current flagship model, providing stellar range and more than ample time to react to potential threats.

  • The Vedetta sports a 2.4-inch TFT color LCD display on a multi-axis hinge and a ball-socket suction cup mounting bracket, which allows the driver to mount the detector virtually anywhere on the windshield or dash of their automobile.

  • The display can be rotated 270 degrees vertically and 60 degrees horizontally.  

  • Mounting radar/laser detectors on the center of the windshield has historically been critical for performance, but not necessarily ideal for driver visibility as well as unit concealment - the new bracket solves all these.

  • In addition to setting a new benchmark among detection systems for form factor, and driver ergonomics, SLR 650G offers an integrated GPS receiver and free, lifetime access to its AURA™ national database of speed/red-light cameras and known speed trap locations.

  • The Cobra Vedetta Ultimate Detection Systems are designed to maximize driver comfort, safety and situational awareness of the driving environment, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and traffic violations.

  • Features:

    • Supercharged detection of all radar and laser guns. 

    • Aura® camera and driving hazard database adds another level of protection against red light cameras, speed cameras, known speed traps & dangerous intersections. Includes updates for life. 

    • Quad-level Intellishield® virtually eliminates false signals. 

    • Intellimute® automatically mutes alerts at lower speeds. 

    • Voice alert® clearly announces the type of threat detected. 

    • Unique swivel display enables Vedetta to be mounted and viewed from practically anywhere on the windshield or dash. 

    • Touch-sensor controls provide easy access to menus and features. 

    • Multiple color themes to complement any dash illumination. 

    • GPS-based 8-Point compass. 

    • Multi-Axis, rotating windshield/dash mount to ensure that Vedetta is always aligned, level and pointing straight ahead.

  • Includes:

    • Cobra® Vedetta™ SLR-650G Max Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector

    • Mount

    • Vehicle Charger

    • Retractable USB Cable

    • Quick Start Guide

Cobra Supercharged Radar-laser-camera Detector

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