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Circle Glide Pro Tony Little Total Body Exercise System

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  • Circle Glide Pro's revolutionary triple plane technology system offers unlimited exercise motions for a fast, fun & effective workout.

  • The Circle Glide Pro moves you in a free flowing movement that engages and activates all the major muscles in your lower body, bun and abs to give you a full cardio workout.

  • Its unique rotational motion moves your body at all levels, as it works the major muscles of the bottom, back and abdominals, while increasing your heart rate and burning unwanted calories.

  • The Circle Glide Pro works areas of the body that are difficult to reach with other machines.

  • Click here for a video.

  • Features:

    • Fun, simple workouts perfect for all fitness levels

    • Gym-Quality construction that supports up to 250 lbs

    • Super quiet design mechanism

    • Easy to store under the bed or in the closet

  • Includes:

    • Circle Glide Machine

    • 3-in-1 Advanced Workout DVD

    • 10-page Upper Body Exercise and Instruction Guide

    • 10-day Challenge Diet and Exercise Program

    • 47-page Nutrition Guide

    • 40-page Owner's Manual

    • Sample Menu Plans

    • 90-day manufacturer's warranty

Circle Glide Pro Tony Little Total Body Exercise System

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