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Early Warning(tm) Radar/laser Detector W/ Voice Alerts

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  • Enjoy worry-free traveling wherever you hit the road.

  • The Early Warning RSX-5001 laser radar detector helps drivers obey the laws and stay informed of safety issues on the road and the clear Voice alerts notify you of radar or laser detection and to buckle your seatbelt.

  • The RSX-5001 can detect Ka-POP radar guns and its 360 degree laser eye receives incoming laser signals from all directions.

  • This device detects all frequently used U.S. radar frequencies, laser signals and even radar-detector detectors.

  • Features:

    • High-performance Radar/Laser detector

    • Detects signals from traffic radar/laser devices by displaying different tones and indicators for each signal being received.

    • Detects all radar frequencies used in United States

    • Detects laser signals to provide protection from all directions 

    • VG-2 and Spectre Undetectable

    • Real Voice Alert

    • Anti-falsing circuitry

    • Mute settings

    • City/Highway mode

    • Signal-strength indicator

  • 22- Frequencies include:     

    • 10.525 GHz    (X  Radar Gun Detection)

    • 24.150 GHz    (K  Radar Gun Detection)

    • 33.400 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 33.800 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.300 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.700 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.940 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 35.500 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 36.000 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 13.450 GHz    (Ku Radar Gun Detection)

    • POP Mode      (POP Radar Gun Detection)

    • Ultra Lyte          (Laser)

    • ProLaser II        (Laser)

    • ProLaser III       (Laser)

    • Stalker LIDAR   (Laser)

    • SpeedLaser      (Laser)

    • ProLite               (Laser)

    • ProLite Plus      (Laser)

    • TrueSpeed        (Laser)  

    • Marksman         (Laser)

    • Spectre I  

    • Spectre II 

    • Spectre III

    • Spectre IV

    • VG-2

    • Safety Alert Detection

    • Safety Warning System Detection

Early Warning(tm) Radar/laser Detector W/ Voice Alerts

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