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Early Warning(tm) Anti-slip Pad

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  • This anti-slip pad is the mounting solution for keeping items in place.

  • Keep track of your items in a well visible area without them shuffling all over the place.

  • Drive everywhere with that piece of mind that your cell phone or radar detector won't go flying across the car every time you make a turn.

  • Made with soft high grade rubber, the anti-slip pad is ideal and perfect solution for your home, office and dashboard.

  • Have easy access to your cell phone, pens, keys, sunglasses and more. Simply set it into place and remove with ease, there no sticky residue to worry about and it's odor-free.  

  • The anti-slip pad adheres to most surfaces, won't scratch or damage your items, leaves no residue, and it's a perfect way to keep track of all those items we love to carry around, free up that pocket space and order your anti-slip pad today!

  • Features:

    • Works on vertical or horizontal positions

    • Perfect for radar detectors, cell phones, eyeglasses, coins, etc.

    • Made of soft PU gel, elastic and highly durable

    • Non toxic, washable and re-usable

    • Retail packaging

Early Warning(tm) Anti-slip Pad

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