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Early Warning(tm) 22 Frequency Radar/laser Detector

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  • The newly released Early Warning RSX-5055 Digital Radar/Laser Detector provides superior protection, outstanding range, travel information and many other convenient features you will love!

  • The Early Warning RSX-5055 laser radar detector helps drivers obey laws and stay informed of safety issues on the road and the Clear Voice alerts notify you of radar or laser detection and even reminds you to buckle your seatbelt.

  • The RSX-5055 can detect Ka-POP radar guns and its 360 degree laser eye receives incoming laser signals from all directions.

  • This Early Warning RSX-5055 is a 'State-of-the-Art' Radar/Laser detector with outstanding range, superior protection and is clearly the most sensible choice in safety, radar/ laser detection available today!

  • Features: 

    • High performance digital voice guidance alert 

    • 360 Degree Laser detection 

    • Detects Radar and Laser signals including X, K, Ka Superwide, VG-2, ProLaser I, II & III, LTI 20-20, UltraLyte, and Ka POP radar guns

    • Protects driver from VG-2 and Spectre Radar Detector-detector (RDD) with the option to turn off this feature 

    • Alerts drivers to emergency vehicles and road hazards with safety alert indicator  for moving trains, emegercy vehicles, road hazards and even railroad signals or crossing.

    • Memory retention to save user settings when powered off

    • 9-step sigal strength meter 

    • Three step brightness selection to enhance night driving visibility 

    • Anti-falsing circuitry reduces frequency of false alerts 

    • City/Highway switch mode to increase and decrease the detection sensitivity 

    • Speaking tutorial mode 

  • Radar Specifications: 

    • Receiver Type: Dual conversion Superheterodyne 

    • Antenna Type: Linear polarized, self-contained antenna 

    • Detector Type: Scanning Frequency Discriminator 

  •  Laser Specifications: 

    • Receiver Type: Pulse laser signal receiver 

    • Detector: Digital Signal Processor Plus Width Discriminator 

    • Opto Sensor: Dual convex condenser lens and high-speed photo diode detector 

    • Spectral Response: 800 - 1100 nm 

  • 22- Frequencies include:     

    • 10.525 GHz    (X  Radar Gun Detection)

    • 24.150 GHz    (K  Radar Gun Detection)

    • 33.400 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 33.800 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.300 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.700 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 34.940 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 35.500 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 36.000 GHz    (Ka Radar Gun Detection)

    • 13.450 GHz    (Ku Radar Gun Detection)

    • POP Mode      (POP Radar Gun Detection)

    • Ultra Lyte           (Laser)

    • ProLaser II        (Laser)

    • ProLaser III       (Laser)

    • Stalker LIDAR   (Laser)

    • SpeedLaser      (Laser)

    • ProLite               (Laser)

    • ProLite Plus      (Laser)

    • TrueSpeed        (Laser)  

    • Marksman         (Laser)

    • Spectre I  

    • Spectre II 

    • Spectre III

    • Spectre IV

    • VG-2

    • Safety Alert Detection

    • Safety Warning System Detection

  • Includes:

    • Early Warning RSX-5055 Radar/Laser Detector

    • Coiled Power Cord

    • Fuse

    • Bracket with Suction Cups

    • Dash Mounting Velcro fastener

    • Operation Manual   

Early Warning(tm) 22 Frequency Radar/laser Detector

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